Twisted Prism Lamps and CRASH THE PLANET

April 2, 2016 was CRASH Space’s first art show, and it went really well. We had tons of exhibits and a lot of people who came out to see it. Needless to say, it will happen again.


For the show, I made a set of twisted prism lamps, which are 3d printed, assembled with dremel friction welding, and contain rgb LEDs and motion sensors hooked up to an Arduino. I dedicated two whole Barb Makes Things videos to the creation of those, because they were rather involved. You can see the videos below or on my YouTube channel, and I also put together a video of a bunch of exhibits at the event (including some footage of my completed lamps), which is also below.


Barb Makes Things: Shrink Plastic Light-up Edison Bulb

I’ve long been a fan of shrink plastic (aka shrinky dinks), and I’ve done similar projects before, making 3d light up shapes with LEDs (see my instructable tutorial from a year ago), but I’m a fan of vintage and steampunk and I decided it was time for an Edison bulb with a wire cage surrounding it. A set of these would make for a neat decoration, and a friend from CRASH Space handed me an 8mm RGB LED at the last meeting, instructing me to make something like this to hook up to an Arduino. I’ll keep you apprised. 


So check out week 3 of Barb Makes Things, a Shrink Plastic Edison Bulb:


Conductive Poetry

I’ve posted another Instructable, this one for how to make poetry that lights up, using conductive paint and LEDs.


Conductive Poetry


Conductive Poetry



This is a project I came up with last year at the Exploratory to accompany a Bare Conductive paint event.  It’s fun to make ridiculous filler words.  Why, of course, I carry your fish in my shoe!  Why would you question that?

Flickering Origami Lantern Instructable

25 chinese lanterns... finished!

A few years ago, a friend wanted some origami lanterns for the centerpieces at her wedding reception, so I made some.  I was pretty pleased with how they turned out and they looked nice with the bamboo.

About a year ago, I revisited the design and came up with an addition: LIGHT!  (lanterns with light. Revolutionary, I know)  Finally it came time to create an instructable for the project, and here it is.  It even got featured!  Woohoo!

I’ve entered it in the Instructables Papercraft Contest, so make sure to go vote for it (assuming you like it, of course.  no obligation if you hate it or are lazy).  The deadline for voting is Thursday (March 27th) at midnight.

Oh, and if you make one, please let me know!  I’d love to see pictures of the variations people come up with.