My name is Barb, and I make things. In November of 2015, I took on the challenge of creating a new project video every week for my YouTube channel. Since then, I have used a wide variety of media, from wood to electronics, 3d printing to fabric, plastic to concrete, and more. Take a look below!


A thousand thank yous to my wonderful patrons on Patreon: Wendy Marvel, Theron Trowbridge, Tod Kurt, Justin Corwin, Steve Goldstein, Jay Jacobs, VexFX, and Diane Noren. If you would like to be involved, and get some cool perks, please visit my Patreon page.


01 concreteletterpress

Concrete Letterpress Sign


02 3dpapercut

3D Papercut and Frame 


03 shrinkplasticbulb 

Shrink Plastic Light Bulb


 04 phoneholder

3D Printed Phone Holder


05 layeredpendant

Layered Wood Pendant 


06 3dcookies

3D Cookies 


 07 desktiles

Tiled Desk


08 cameraarm

Wooden Camera Arm 


09 woodtoycar

Wood Toy Car 


 10 marblerun

Simple Bell Ringer


11 hairwraps

Arduino Hair Wrap 


12 pokey

3D Printed Poking Device 


 13 musgearspt1

Musical Gears, Part 1


14 musgearspt2

Musical Gears, Part 2 


15 scribblebots

Scribble Bots 


 16 neobracelet

Wood Neopixel Bracelet


17 emojistamps

3D Printed Emoji Stamps 


18 lanternspt1

Twisted Prism Lamp, Part 1


 19 lanternspt2

Twisted Prism Lamp, Part 2


20 windsculpture

Recycled Wind Sculpture 


21 makeyuke

MaKey MaKey Ukulele 


 22 rfidring

Layered Wood RFID Ring


 23 R2deskfan

R2D2 Desk Fan


 24 lanternstand

Laser Cut Lantern Stand


 25 unicornhat

EL Wire Unicorn Hat


 26 solderingunicorn

Soldering Unicorn


27 lightboxframe 

Polaroid Light Box Frame


 28 oriroses

Origami Roses in 3D Vase


29 anglerfish 

Needle-Felted Anglerfish


30 sharkshoodie 

San Jose Sharks Hoodie


 31 discoballpt1

CD Disco Ball, Part 1 (FAIL)


32 marblerunwall 

Marble Run Wall


33 discoballpt2 

CD Disco Ball, Part 2 (WIN)


 34 zombiepillow

Zombie Apocalypse Pillow


35 marblerunpt1 

Marble Run, Part 1


36 marblerunpt2 

Marble Run, Part 2


 37 marblerunpt3

Marble Run, Part 3


38 sofafootbox 

Sofa-Foot Box


39 tshirttinkering 

T-shirt Tinkering


 40 gearedcuff

3D Printed Geared Cuff


41 shoerack 

Shoe Rack


42 monoprint 

LED Monoprint Notebook


 43 wallorg

Cork Wall Organizer



 44 airplant

Air Plant Hangers



 45 giantorigami

Giant Origami Crane