Barb Makes Things: 3D Papercut and Frame

Week 2 on Barb Makes Things: a dimensional papercut and custom frame. I’ve done a lot of papercuts before (including some that have prints available on society6), so I decided to do a small piece with a design I’ve done before.


Watch, enjoy, subscribe, and let me know what I should make next!


Bobble Head Bot Papertoy

Thanks to everyone who came out and made papertoys with me at our LA Makerspace booth at Kickstarter LA Film Fest last night!


Bobblehead BotsBobblehead Bots


If you didn’t get to join us, you can still make one! Just print the pattern, cut on the solid lines, fold on the dotted lines, and follow the instruction photos below, using glue or tape to attach the tabs. Then decorate and make it your own!


bobble-bot bobblebot assemble 1 bobblebot assemble 2
bobblebot assemble 3 bobblebot assemble 4 bobblebot assemble 5

Papertoys at Kickstarter Film Festival

Hey, folks! If you’re heading out to the Kickstarter Film Festival tonight, September 12th, come on by the LA Makerspace booth and make some neat bobble head paper toys with me! They’re blank templates, so you can design them however you like. Here’s my lady bot.

Bobble Bot

Jen Fox will also be at the booth, making upcycled robots, as well as some other folks doing 3d printing, and stop motion animation. Fun!

Flickering Origami Lantern Instructable

25 chinese lanterns... finished!

A few years ago, a friend wanted some origami lanterns for the centerpieces at her wedding reception, so I made some.  I was pretty pleased with how they turned out and they looked nice with the bamboo.

About a year ago, I revisited the design and came up with an addition: LIGHT!  (lanterns with light. Revolutionary, I know)  Finally it came time to create an instructable for the project, and here it is.  It even got featured!  Woohoo!

I’ve entered it in the Instructables Papercraft Contest, so make sure to go vote for it (assuming you like it, of course.  no obligation if you hate it or are lazy).  The deadline for voting is Thursday (March 27th) at midnight.

Oh, and if you make one, please let me know!  I’d love to see pictures of the variations people come up with.