papercut notebook

One medium that strikes me is the artist’s journal. Whether series of pieces specifically created to match in a bound volume with some common theme, or a rough and personal sketchbook, or even carved pages. (some favorites: Tim Biskup’s Jackson 500, the anonymous Edinburgh library sculptures, and a slew of projects at

With that medium in mind, and with the multi-layered cut art of folks like Jen Stark, I’ve taken on the project of a papercut notebook. The spiral-bound notebook I’m using has 100 pages, so it may take a while to complete (I’m up to 35 now), but here are some in progress shots.

This is obviously something that would be a bit more complicated to publish in its true format than a book of drawings. A book of photos of each page would lose the transparency aspect. I am planning on making a stop motion video featuring the notebook, which will turn up on hitRECord. From there, we’ll have to see what remixing projects might make use of it.


You can see more in-progress photos in this set on my Flickr.


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